The Peninsular Railway and Lumbermen’s Museum is a museum devoted to preserving and interpreting the rich railroad and logging history of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. The institution is dedicated to preserving and operating the former Simpson Timber Company railroad and roundhouse properties located in Shelton, WA.


 These properties are unique in that they represent one of the first timber carrier railroads in western Washington, as well as the last well preserved example of a steam locomotive roundhouse and turntable in the state. Combined with these core properties, the preservation and use of historic Simpson railroad equipment such as locomotives, log cars, cabooses, and maintenance of way equipment would be of high importance to provide living history and context.

      The vision of the institution is to provide the public with a first hand experience, not of dead displays and artifacts devoid of context, but instead a vibrant and active living socio-technical system where the past never died.