Posted by Peter Jones on Nov 15, 2017
Today we were visited by Shelter Box, an organization partnered with Rotary to provide immediate disaster-relief shelter in disaster-torn areas.  Shelter Box accepted an additional donation from the Skookum Rotary Club, and because of Skookum's consistent support for the Shelter Box program, awarded Shelter Box the Hero Banner.
Shelter Box also gave the club a presentation on their work around the world, including notably in Kazakhstan, Myanmar, and most recently the Carribean Islands after the successive waves of hurricanes.  Tents, shelter kits, solar lighting, insulation, beds, blankets, and water filtration all provided to thousands of people across the world thanks to this wonderful organization and its partnership with Rotary International and independent Rotary Clubs like Skookum Rotary.  Just another fine example of your Oysterfest dollars at work, making a difference.