Posted by Peter Jones on Sep 27, 2017
This week, our Rotary District Governor stopped by to give us a reminder of the bigger picture.
Tom Carroll, the Governor of District 5020, came to speak to the club about what it is District 5020 and Rotary as a whole does.  Especially being as close to Oysterfest as we are, it can be very easy to see Skookum Rotary as an independent organization.  And it's true that we do a great deal of work here in Shelton.  We run Oysterfest, giving our local non-profits a fundraising platform.  That funds community grants and scholarships through our own foundation.  We put on Music in the Park, we host the Science Fair, and we put on the Academic Excellence awards for our local students.  We work in this community.
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But today we were reminded that this is only a part of what we do.  As Rotarians, we are also members of a larger, international service community.  One that is on its way to an over-thirty-year-long-goal of simply eliminating polio from existence.  One that stands for peace, education, and health throughout the world.  One that helps mothers be mothers, that finds clean water for people to drink, and that builds the economies of even the most poverty-stricken corners of this world.
And as we were being reminded of this, we sat next to our sisters and brothers from the Shelton Rotary club, who joined us to listen to our District Governor, and who will be working alongside us at Oysterfest.  We are indeed a part of a much larger picture, a unique organization that is, as the motto says, making a difference.

Skookum Rotary thanks Governor Carroll and all the hard-working volunteers of District 5020 for the work they put in supporting our local clubs, and thanks him moreover for reminding us that everything we do, we do in service to our community.  As he put it, it is simply a matter of considering all the communities we are truly a part of, from Shelton, to Mason County, to Washington State, to the Pacific Northwest, to America, to North America, and indeed to the entire world.