Posted by Peter Jones on Nov 29, 2017

Dr. George Bridges of the Evergreen State College visits Skookum Rotary.

Today George Bridges of the Evergreen State College dropped by to share breakfast with us and speak about what it is his college is doing.
The Evergreen State College, several alumni of which are Skookum Rotarians, has been pursuing a non-traditional model of post-secondary eductation for well over fifty years.  Dr. Bridges pointed out, to my surprise and the surprise of others, the depth to which the school is invested in the sciences, with three times as many med-school students emerging from the Evergreen as from other schools of similar size.  Dr. Bridges shared with us the diversity and commitment Evergreen shares with its students, and challenged all of us to rethink how we perceive college.
He also shared with us that over a hundred Evergreen students are partnered with entities right here in Mason County, from our schools to our health department, volunteering to improve not only their own school and their own education, but also our community.  And, in addition, he committed to working with the Shelton School District in partnership with the upcoming Health Sciences Academy, allowing our children even more extensive access to resources in pursuing that educational track.  
Skookum Rotary thanks Dr. Bridges for all of his hard work, and for his outreach from his College to our county.