Posted by Peter C Jones on Feb 28, 2018
Today the Skookum Rotary Club was proud to present a $1,500 check to the Panhandle Lake 4H camp.  This camp serves not only 4H children, but also children from many other non-profit programs that otherwise would not have access to a summer camp experience. 
The grant provided by Skookum Rotary is specifically going towards installing a lifeguard tower.  Currently, the lifeguard sits on a swivel chair mounted to a platform, as seen to the left (picture from Panhandle Lake 4H Camp website).  This chair provides limited visibility to the swimming area and has no sun shielding for the on-duty lifeguard.
Installation of a brand-new lifeguard tower at this camp will provide for a safer swimming experience for the children and a better work environment for the lifeguards.  
All funds for Skookum Rotary Community Grants are raised through Oysterfest; this is another example of your Oysterfest dollars at work.  Skookum Rotary is, once again, making a difference.