Posted on Jul 06, 2017
Music In The Park - Thursday Nights 7pm at Kneeland Park
Free Admission!
The weeks band was 10 Cent Judy!  Click the read more button to find out about the band and pictures from the night!
07-13-2017 - Hurts Like Hell!
A Musical Journey ...... Rockin' the mid 60's to early 70's .. oh yah!
Band Members
Steve - Lead Vocalist / Guitarist
Kenny - Hammond B-3 Player / Vocalist
Mikey - Lead / Rhythm Guitarist
Timmy - Concussionist / Backing Vocals
Tim - Multistring Bass
Olympia, WA
Ten Cent Judy is a powerful rhythm based band out of Olympia playing mid 60's to early 70's classic rock. They pride themselves on keeping the tunes true, tight and together! Leaving the expansion of the sparkle to capture your imagination ..
In the grand tradition of great bands who've gone before them, Ten Cent Judy has that togetherness needed to replicate any style of music. Whether they play rock, blues, funk or originals, put instruments in Ten Cent Judy's hands and they make it sing like there is no tomorrow! 

These guys clearly have a great sense of humor, and the same sort of vibe comes thru in the music as well as the fun they're having jammin' together .. The vibe clearly click like interlocking pieces of a puzzle - put them together and they form something "magical" ..!! Melody plays a big part in the music, this is the type of music you want to play in the car on a warm summer day, windows rolled down, rockin' down the highway ... 

Are you ready to experience the Musical Journey with Ten Cent Judy ..??