Dr Robert Smith, UW Allergy and Infection Diseases joined us Wednesday to discuss his collaborative HIV work in West Africa that began over 20 years ago.  The collaboration is between the UW and three clinics in Senegal (Dakar;  Ziguinchor and Bignona).  The laboratory work is done  in Seattle and the clinical care and study enrollment is handled by the Senegal teams.   Together, new technologies and treatments are developed at the UW and shared with onsite physicians.  
HIV is an ongoing global pandemic.  Dr. Smith  reviewed the route of transmission from sexual contact, pregnancy, child birth, breastfeeding, injection drug use, occupational exposure, and rarely organ transplant and blood transfusion.  He discussed the variety of drugs and drug cocktails that can help stop the progression of HIV and block forward transport.  These medication are a life long treatment process.  The treatments of HIV can be complicated by many things such as unavailable testing, some medications have side effects and are costly, some viruses become drug resistant, and some are just not readily available.