The Oysterman is about to end his reign at Overlook Park being replaced by Santa on Thanksgiving weekend.  This little City of Shelton park is a prominent entrance to Shelton.  Skookum Rotarians Jill Himlie, Bill Busacca, and Teri King conducted a quick trash pick up at the park with a few bramble cutbacks in mid October.  It took the three less than thirty minutes to scour the park and pick up the trash.  It was fun and easy to do and allowed us a brief in person meeting with COVID precautions in place.  Jill is leading the project for the Club and has coordinated with the City of Shelton for the effort.  She is looking for a couple of folks each month to head to the park and make sure there is no litter throughout the year.  So, send an email or call Jill to let her know what month you would like to volunteer.  Let's give back and help show Shelton Pride!