Skookum Rotarians were challenged to contribute to the Polio Plus fund by Twin Cities Rotarian Anil Puri.  For every $60 donated, 100 children can become vaccinated against polio.  Anil described his trip from pre vaccination meetings to daily post event gatherings.  Vaccine care is critical to make sure that it is effective.  There is a special temperature dot on each vial that turns color if the vial has been subject to temperature abuse.  Working in hot humid climates, this is a key concern.  Each child receiving the vaccine has a pinky fingernail colored so that health care workers can be assured that the children have been vaccinated.  Within the district of Jhansi there are 2,233,367 people of which 314,871 are children between birth and 5 years old.  The team was very successful in achieving the desired vaccination level anticipated.  Still more work needs to be done.  With your generous donation, we can help End Polio Now!  Please send your check to Skookum Rotary, P.O. Box 849, Shelton, WA  98584 with a note that your donation is for Ending Polio Now and the Anil Puri match.