Wow!  Denis and the scholarship committees from Skookum and Shelton Rotary clubs  did an outstanding job with all of the potential adversity that COVID-19 could muster.  Let me tell you both the committee and the students applying for the 2020 scholarships worked hard.  Students had to  develop and  then the committee needed to read through the applications, conduct interviews and make the final selections.  There are 29 students receiving scholarships this year.  We have posted the three videos that Denis made on our club Facebook page announcing each of the awardees.  Congratulations to all of our high school graduates and college students that have received awards in 2020.  
Emily Adams-Shelton High School-Robert Burns (Performing Arts)-$1500.00
Aaron Boothe-Shelton High School-Bryce Finley (Computer Sciences)-$1500.00
Lily Dose-Shelton High School-Joy Doescher (Human Services)*-$1500.00
Michael Gillman-Shelton High School-Forest Festival (Timber the Ax Man)-$1500.00
Beau Harvey-Shelton High School-Rural Development Initiative (Civic Engagement)-$2000.00
Morgan Izzi-Shelton High School-Vocational (Trade Industries)-$1000.00
Elle Jennings-Shelton High School-Harvey Farrimond (Academic Scholarship*-$1000.00
Cheyanne Kenyon-Shelton High School-Vocational (Trade Industries) -$1000.00
Chase Moran-Shelton High School-Terry Olsen (Vocational Arts)*-$1000.00
Nathanael Ostheller-Shelton High School-Academic/Continuing Education-$1500.00
Jonah Perry-Shelton High School-Vocational (Trade Industries) -$1000.00
Grace Renecker-Shelton High School-Academic/Continuing Education-$1500.00
Jayde Smith-Shelton High School-Academic/Continuing Education-$1500.00
Jenavieve Striplin-Shelton High School-Vocational (Trade Industries)-$1000.00
Grace Toney-Shelton High School-Mary Penny (Medical Arts)#-$1000.00
Mackenzie Uch-Shelton High School-Doug Larson (Medical Arts)*-$2000.00
Kiara Ventura-Shelton High School-Academic/Continuing Education-$1000.00
Beau Ward-Shelton High School-Vocational (Trade Industries)-$1000.00
Molly Ye-Shelton High School-Janis Byrd (Business Arts)*-$1500.00
Kain Tinajero-Hernandez-Shelton High School-Forest Festival (Paul Bunyan)-$2000.00
Lillian Crawford-Choice High School-Vocational (Trade Industries)-$1000.00
Matilda Smither-Winslow-Choice High School-Dick Oltman (Environmental Studies/Tourism)*-$1000.00
Isabella Porter-North Mason High School-Lee Gillis (Educational Arts)*-$1500.00
Spencer Pruitt-North Mason High School-Academic/Continuing Education-$1500.00
Lukas Hansen-Washington Virtual Academy-Rotary Inspirational-$1000.00
Austin Karr-Washington Virtual Academy-Rural Development Initiative (Civic Engagement)-$2000.00
Josephine Beaudoin-University of Washington-Tom Spikes (Business Arts)#-$1000.00
Laura Henry-South Puget Sound CC-Academic/Continuing Education-$1500.00
Savannah Knutson-Baylor University-Terry Shaw (Academic)*-$1000.00
* denotes the honoring of a  Skookum Rotarian or spouse      # denotes the honoring of a  Shelton Rotarian or spouse