Posted by Phil Grigg on May 04, 2019
Spring is Filled with Community Service
Academic Excellence - Mason County Top 10 Percent 11th Graders:
Over 60 Mason County 11th Graders received recognition by Skookum Rotary Club for their Academic Achievements at Faith Lutheran Church on April 16th.  Parents, friends, teachers and Skookum Rotarians attended the event.  Thanks to Stacey Anderson for organizing, Don Welander for Master of Ceremonies, Stacey Wickett and Kebe Radchenko for being guest speakers and Mike Barnard for photography.  Also thanks to Alex Apostle, Diva Roberts and Phil Grigg for assistance in making this event a huge success.
Academic Excellence - Mason County Top 10 Percent 8th Graders:
Mason County's Top 10 Percent of 8th Graders were rewarded at the University of Puget Sound on April 30th for their academic achievements by Skookum Rotary on April 30th.  Over 70 students were recognized.  The day included a recognition ceremony, a tour of the university campus and lunch.  Parents, friends and teachers were in attendance.  Thanks to Brad Miller for his event management, Patti Case for Master of Ceremonies, Matthew Melendez and Heidi McCutcheon for being guest speakers and Mike Barnard for photography.  Also thanks to Kathy Hague, Jerry Obendorf and Phil Grigg for assistance.  What a great event!
Rotary Clubs of Shelton Scholarships:
Thanks to the Rotarians of the Shelton clubs who participated in this year's scholarship process. We were able to award 20 Academic, Continuing Education and Vocational scholarships this year for a total award of $30,000.  Scholarships will be awarded at Mason County school graduation events.  Thanks to Denis Leverich and Rhonda Mayner for organizing the event.  Thanks also to Allison Smith, Gary Bauder, Kathleen Blanchette, Kristy Buck, Candace Cahill, Donna Davis, Blase Gorny, Phil Grigg,  Joel Harris, Heidi McCutcheon , Sarah Sytsma and Stacey Wickett for blind and applicant interview judging.  Great job by all the students and we had fun!
Picture is of a previous year's scholarship award ceremony:
Forest Festival Court Club Visit:
This year's Forest Festival Court members made their first presentation of the year to Skookum Rotarians on May 1st.  They each had forest stories to be told and they tested club members with a Bingo game that stretched our regional knowledge.  Forest Festival is Thursday May 30th through Sunday June 2nd.  This year's theme is Facets of the Forest.