A huge thank you to all Veteran's for their service and sacrifice.  Skookum Rotarian Denis Leverich offered us a tribute to Skookum Rotary veterans,  Richard Adamson – U.S. Coast Guard- 1968-2003; Steve Andrewski – U.S. Air Force; Troy Jasmin – U.S. Air Force – 1995-1996; Denis Leverich – U.S. Army/National Guard – 1976-2002;  Bob Miller – U.S. Air Force – 1973-1977; Mark Nault – U.S. Army – 1980-1984; Gary Schyten – U.S. Army Reserve – 1970; Stacey Wickett – U.S. Navy – 1969-1989.  Rich, Denis, Bob and Stacey all shared a bit about their service in the military.  The moving short film 'I Fought For You' concluded the celebration.  Thank you and your families for your service and thank you Denis for organizing this important tribute.