Skookum and Shelton Rotary Clubs are pleased to announce the 2020 Scholarship Awardees.  The students below are a combination of 2020 High School graduates and college students continuing their education.  We congratulate all of the awardees.  
Emily Adams-Shelton High School-Robert Burns (Performing Arts)-$1500.00
Aaron Boothe-Shelton High School-Bryce Finley (Computer Sciences)-$1500.00
Lily Dose-Shelton High School-Joy Doescher (Human Services)*-$1500.00
Michael Gillman-Shelton High School-Forest Festival (Timber the Ax Man)-$1500.00
Beau Harvey-Shelton High School-Rural Development Initiative (Civic Engagement)-$2000.00
Morgan Izzi-Shelton High School-Vocational (Trade Industries)-$1000.00
Elle Jennings-Shelton High School-Harvey Farrimond (Academic Scholarship*-$1000.00
Cheyanne Kenyon-Shelton High School-Vocational (Trade Industries) -$1000.00
Chase Moran-Shelton High School-Terry Olsen (Vocational Arts)*-$1000.00
Nathanael Ostheller-Shelton High School-Academic/Continuing Education-$1500.00
Jonah Perry-Shelton High School-Vocational (Trade Industries) -$1000.00
Grace Renecker-Shelton High School-Academic/Continuing Education-$1500.00
Jayde Smith-Shelton High School-Academic/Continuing Education-$1500.00
Jenavieve Striplin-Shelton High School-Vocational (Trade Industries)-$1000.00
Grace Toney-Shelton High School-Mary Penny (Medical Arts)#-$1000.00
Mackenzie Uch-Shelton High School-Doug Larson (Medical Arts)*-$2000.00
Kiara Ventura-Shelton High School-Academic/Continuing Education-$1000.00
Beau Ward-Shelton High School-Vocational (Trade Industries)-$1000.00
Molly Ye-Shelton High School-Janis Byrd (Business Arts)*-$1500.00
Kain Tinajero-Hernandez-Shelton High School-Forest Festival (Paul Bunyan)-$2000.00
Lillian Crawford-Choice High School-Vocational (Trade Industries)-$1000.00
Matilda Smither-Winslow-Choice High School-Dick Oltman (Environmental Studies/Tourism)*-$1000.00
Isabella Porter-North Mason High School-Lee Gillis (Educational Arts)*-$1500.00
Spencer Pruitt-North Mason High School-Academic/Continuing Education-$1500.00
Lukas Hansen-Washington Virtual Academy-Rotary Inspirational-$1000.00
Austin Karr-Washington Virtual Academy-Rural Development Initiative (Civic Engagement)-$2000.00
Josephine Beaudoin-University of Washington-Tom Spikes (Business Arts)#-$1000.00
Laura Henry-South Puget Sound CC-Academic/Continuing Education-$1500.00
Savannah Knutson-Baylor University-Terry Shaw (Academic)*-$1000.00
* denotes the honoring of a  Skookum Rotarian or spouse      # denotes the honoring of a  Shelton Rotarian or spouse