Every installation is a time for reflection and passing of the gavel and Skookum, the fish to the new President.   President Brad Miller honored the 2019-2020 Board of Skookum Rotary this evening, commending them for their commitment to Rotary and our Community.  Honored were Secretary Sarah Sytsma, Treasurer Rhonda Mayner, Past President Phil Grigg, International Service and Rotary Foundation Director Blasé Gorny, Community Service Director Evan Tozier, Youth and Vocational Services Director Denis Leverich, Membership Chair Jerry Obendorf, Public Image Chair Kathy Brooks, and President Elect Brad Miller.  Yes, Brad was both President and President Elect of Skookum Rotary in 2019-2020. 
Brad reminded those assembled of the goals that he presented to the Club on July 3, 2019:  Bringing a sense of positivity to the club.  Changing up breakfast for the first time in many years with the help of Heather at Wild and Woodsy.  Altering the meeting schedule a little to allow for three morning meetings and one evening social meeting each month.  The evening meetings he noted allowed members to interact differently than they do in a morning meeting before they head to a busy day at work. 
He recalled the success of many projects and their Chairs.  A shout out to Phil Grigg for leading the Dictionary Project.  Justin Baze for Music in the Park.  Jill Himlie for an amazing and sunny OysterFest.  Brad noted the many scholarships awarded to graduating seniors and continuing education students.  Skookum Rotary helped the community in many ways this past year.  When COVID hit, the club quickly adapted to virtual meetings that have brought us together in new ways, allowing members that aren’t often able to participate in morning meetings to participate.  Brad noted the  high quality speakers which might not have been possible if the meetings hadn’t been on ZOOM.  Look for more about the role of ZOOM in our 2020-21 meetings on July 1.  We have had many accomplishments and successes, cheers to all for a great year!  
Past Skookum Rotary Club President (1989-1990), Bob Miller then provided the Oath of Office for the incoming President and Board members.  
The 2020-2021 Skookum Rotary Club Board
President – Brad Miller
Vice President – Rhonda Mayner
Secretary – Sarah Sytsma
Treasurer – Kathleen Blanchette
Community Service – Evan Tozier
Vocational and Youth Services – Denis Leverich
Public Image - Kathy Brooks
Currently there are two unfilled positions on the Board:  International Service and Rotary Foundation Director and Membership Chair.  If you are interested in learning more about these positions and serving in a leadership capacity, contact a Board member.  
Interested in Brad’s goals for our club in 2020-2021?  Join us for a virtual breakfast on July 1 for his inaugural address.  
Tonight Skookum Rotarians will celebrate the new and retiring members of our Board.  We have a couple of twists this year, one is that the event is being held on zoom so that we follow all of the physical distancing guidelines and the second is that our 2019-2020 President, Brad Miller will be re-installed as the President for 2020-21.  Rhonda Mayner will be installed as our President Elect and Kathleen Blanchette as our Treasurer.  So grab your party hat and join us via zoom for our installation this evening at 6 pm.  Check your email for the link and access code.  Hope to see you!
Brad Miller accepting the Skookum gavel as President in 2019 and presented by his father and past Skookum club president Bob Miller
In May Skookum Rotarians were challenged by Twin Cities Rotarian Anil Puri to donation to the End Polio Now campaign with Rotary International.   Members of Skookum Rotary donated $1,500 which when matched with the 2:1 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grant expanded to $4500 or 7500 kids will never experience polio virus penetrating their "cells" and deform their limbs.
It isn't too late to donate, we still have 10 days to raise $15 million to End Polio Now by June 30 to reach the goal of $50 million which will be matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with $100 million.  You can send your contributions made out to End Polio Now c/o Skookum Rotary, P.O. Box 849, Shelton, WA 98584.  If you are a Rotarian, log into your Rotary International Account and you can  make your donation directly on line.  
Might this be a good opportunity for you to step up and serve in a leadership role?  The Skookum Rotary Club Foundation Board has an opening for a position currently held by Bert Fisher that is expiring on June 30. Club members interested in serving on the board are encouraged to submit a statement of interest to the Foundation Secretary, Don Welander no later than 5:00 PM June 6th.  The Foundation Secretary will collate the statements of interest and forward them to members for their consideration, via the "Active and Honorary Member" email list in ClubRunner by the close of business June 8th.
Club members interested in casting a ballot in this election should submit their vote to the Foundation Secretary via email no later than close of business June 9th.  The election results will be announced at the meeting on June 10th.  Check your email for additional information.  
Remember, all Skookum Rotary Club members are members of the Skookum Rotary Foundation and are encouraged to attend all Skookum Rotary activities.  
Skookum Rotarians were challenged to contribute to the Polio Plus fund by Twin Cities Rotarian Anil Puri.  For every $60 donated, 100 children can become vaccinated against polio.  Anil described his trip from pre vaccination meetings to daily post event gatherings.  Vaccine care is critical to make sure that it is effective.  There is a special temperature dot on each vial that turns color if the vial has been subject to temperature abuse.  Working in hot humid climates, this is a key concern.  Each child receiving the vaccine has a pinky fingernail colored so that health care workers can be assured that the children have been vaccinated.  Within the district of Jhansi there are 2,233,367 people of which 314,871 are children between birth and 5 years old.  The team was very successful in achieving the desired vaccination level anticipated.  Still more work needs to be done.  With your generous donation, we can help End Polio Now!  Please send your check to Skookum Rotary, P.O. Box 849, Shelton, WA  98584 with a note that your donation is for Ending Polio Now and the Anil Puri match.  
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